The 199 Proffie sale will be extended

As you may already know, we offered Banshee and Shade NeoPixel sabers powered by the Proffie board at a huge discount on Friday and Saturday. We sold out of them within 24 hours. This meant many of you did not get a chance to get in on the low introductory price of these sabers. As a result, I got some heated emails  from many of you for failing to announce the sale in advance. Well, you're right, that was my bad, and I apologize. To make up for this, we are allowing everyone to backorder these sabers at the advertised discounted price. We will keep selling them at this price for as long as we can sustain the cost, but eventually we will have to sell them at full price to remain a viable business. So I suggest if you have ever wanted to get into the Proffie Powered world without breaking the bank, now is indeed the time. We expect all backordered sabers to be fulfilled within 2-3 weeks. Thanks for your continued support and please don't hesitate to email if you have any questions, open a hailing frequency!

Supreme Chancellor Omega