Proffie NeoPixel Banshee
Proffie NeoPixel Banshee
Proffie NeoPixel Banshee

Proffie NeoPixel Banshee

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  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • Proffie controller board
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Smooth Swing
  • Multiple soundfonts
  • RGB Color selection
  • Blade lockup effects
  • Heavy Grade NeoPixel Blade Included
  • Many different blade modes
  • Force Powers/FX sounds
  • Blaster block effects
  • Background theme music
  • Blade scrolling
  • Anti Vandal Switch
  • Recharge Port
  • Charging cable included

Here at Crimson Dawn, we're always trying to improve our weaponry, so we have something special for you here. This is a Banshee that we have upgraded with our Proffie Core. This allows you to have all the high tech wizardry of a Proffie powered saber, in a sleek and inexpensive package.

This saber now comes with the new V2 version of the Proffie Core. This adds a recharge port and easy accessibility of the SD card and USB port. The saber also comes with a Heavy Grade NeoPixel blade included.

The V2 Proffie Core in this saber has also been significantly reduced in length from the previous version, so even though an extension is included, it is no longer absolutely necessary. A protected cell 18650 powers the new core, which makes finding replacement batteries much easier. And with the recharge port, you will no longer need to remove the battery to charge it.

Anyone who has a Proffie Powered Banshee on backorder will be automatically upgraded to this new version at no extra charge! Consider it a 'thank you' for your continued patience and loyalty.

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