Crimson Dawn Blog

  • New Sabers!

    We have a bunch of new Replicas for you to see! Check out the Replicas section!
  • Atari month!

    Yes, June is many things, but it is also Atari month!  I still remember plunking down  my hard earned quarters into that Star Wars Arcade game as a...
  • New saber, the Revenant!

    We got a new saber, go check it out. This one has been requested for a long time!
  • Product reviews fixed.

    Good news, everyone! We finally got our automated product review sub-routines back online.  Sorry for the inconvenience! Feel free to add reviews o...
  • We survived!!

    As most of you already know, we are based in Montgomery, Texas, which is just northwest of Houston. Our area got slammed by the winter storm last w...
  • We have sabers in stock!!

    Good news, everyone!  We have many Base-lit sabers in stock and ready to go! If you have one of these sabers still on backorder, it is shipping rig...
  • New banner art shout out!

    We want to give a huge thank you to @SoftHuney for this month's banner!
  • New Proffie Cores!!

    The latest version of our Proffie Core has arrived and it is a huge improvement. Go here to learn all about it.  And don't worry, if you have a Pro...
  • And yet another new saber!!

    We have another new saber for you, the Specter, favored weapon of Clan Felmaw infiltrators. Discounted for Christmas!
  • Yet another new saber!!

    And here we go, yet another new saber just in time for Christmas and with a great discount attached! It's our version of the T-38 Mk. IV Tactical T...
  • Another new saber!

    We added another new saber for yall, the Animus, and we discounted it for Christmas! We don't have many of these, so I apologize in advance if we s...
  • New saber!

    We have a new saber available and we even discounted it for Christmas! Check out the Antares!