Shipping Info

***  Priority Shipping: Priority shipping is an estimate from USPS only.  It is not a guarantee.  It is often wrong and only pertains to transit time of the actual order. At the time of this update USPS has switched to a more dimensional approach and now charges close to double what the used to charge to ship a saber priority.  We quote the transit time of our free shipping option as 3-5 business days.  You should select USPS Priority Shipping if :

1) You would prefer to roll the dice on USPS quoted transit time VS our quoted transit time of 3-5 days.  In some instances where they quote 1 day you can get the saber quicker, but again, they do not promise this, and we cannot issue refunds for shipping delays within the USPS environment unless approved by USPS and they will not refund Priority Shipping unless it just never shows up.

2) You live in a country or region that requires USPS to complete your delivery.

3) You are shipping to a PO box.

4)  You have a great USPS delivery driver like we do and don't have confidence in UPS or other services.

Other than for the reasons outlined above we strongly discourage you from using USPS to ship anything in a large box like a light saber.  Small parts and such are fine to use USPS.  It is not express.  Its not faster.  Its not better.  Its just cost alot more.  Thats all.  

*** DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $3-10 dollars to ship small parts.  If our website is trying to charge more to ship something that would fit in a small box (under 24" long) than please message us and let us know so we can correct that product shipping profile.  That is an error.  If you were charged and paid this amount please let us know and we will refund you the difference.  This does not count for any expedited services or other carriers, this is for USPS parts only shipping. 

Except where otherwise indicated, all products are in stock and ready to ship!

All orders that contain a saber have free shipping available to the lower 48 states. However, if you upgraded or otherwise paid for shipping, those SHIPPING CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

In-stock sabers typically ship within 2-3 business days of your order. Feel free to call or email us to make changes to your order before it ships. We cannot guarantee your order can be changed, but we will do our very best.

A product that is back-ordered is not in-stock and will be fulfilled in the order they were received. We don't know ahead of time when a specific product will be back in stock. We get resupplied every week but don't always know exactly what is in the shipment until we get it.

Note to customers outside the United States:
Crimson Dawn supports free trade for all, however, your country may not. You are responsible for any taxes, duties, customs, etc. that your country may impose on you. Crimson Dawn will not pay your taxes or import duties. Although Crimson Dawn may provide an estimate of import fees, it is ultimately your responsibility to find out what your country is going to charge you to import a saber from the United States. If you pre-pay import fees at check-out, you should be good to go; however, there may be rare circumstances that the import fee was not calculated correctly and you will remain responsible for any additional fees. ALL DUTIES, CUSTOMS FEES, AND TAXES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.