🍀 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Sale! 🍀

🍀 Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! 🍀

We at Crimson Dawn Saint Patrick's Day sale includes the following items for sale:

  • 15% off on all sabers except mystery boxes enter code: PADDY15, at check out.
  • 20% off on all parts with the exception of blades, with code: PADDY20
  • 25% Replica sabers that have a canon Green color, with code: WHACKINGDAY. Our collection at the top of the page, will list which replica saber that will be eligible for the coupon code. 
  • There will be two limited edition items for the sale, One will be a Mystery Saber Build, this will be a custom saber build, that will include green parts. Choose either the light side or the dark side to theme your custom built saber. 
  • Our other limited-edition item will be a special build of our Hydra saber both items will also be in the Saint Patrick's Day collection for your convenience 
  • We will have all two codes for our sound font portion of our website.
  • With the purchase of either of these Limited-Edition sabers, will include a SD card as well as coupon code for 4 free sound fonts from our CrimsonFonts.com website. 
  • Also, at CrimsonFonts.com, we have coupon code SOUNDOFF50 on all sound fonts, during the sale.
  • Sale starts 3/4/24 at 12 am and ends 3/17/24 at midnight. 

May the luck of the Irish be with you as you wield your saber and celebrate this festive occasion! 🌟