We have sabers in stock!!

Good news, everyone!  We have many Base-lit sabers in stock and ready to go! If you have one of these sabers still on backorder, it is shipping right now!

In Proffie news; we receive shipments of Proffie Cores every week, and are fulfilling those backorders expeditiously. How many we get each week is unpredictable. There is a shortage of Proffies, so the best way to get one is to backorder it and wait in line. I know, no one likes waiting, but the demand, at the moment, far exceeds the supply. Another result of the supply/demand issue is that our cost for these components is going up. Don't worry, though, you will never be asked to pay more after you order. We will honor the price you paid, hold your spot in line, and ship your Proffie when it comes in. 

We are working hard every day to procure more Proffie and Neo Core components. We hope to eventually have a large surplus so we can ship them as fast as we ship Base-Lit, but when that can happen is also unpredictable. When we get a supply of Neo Core and Proffie Core V2 components that allow us to show them 'In-Stock', we will let you know directly!