Heralds and Banshees back in stock!

Yes, we had a resupply of Banshees last week and they sold out that same day, so we cranked out some more and they are available in the store now! Due to overwhelming popular request, this new batch of Banshees have been upgraded to accept standard 1" blades. No extra charge, of course. We also have a new variant of the Banshee with a dark grey finish which will be listed in the store tomorrow. If this interests you, hold off ordering until you see them listed. 

Also, after a long wait, the Herald is available again. Supplies are limited, so if you have been waiting on this saber, now is the time to grab it! It truly is an exceptional weapon. It's a real fan favorite around here. If you are waiting on another saber, hang in there, we are expecting our next supply drop shortly. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, Omega@CrimsonDawn.Com

As always, thank you for making Crimson Dawn the galaxy's premier trade syndicate!