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  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • 1 x 36 inch High-Line blade
  • Illuminated stainless steel switch
  • 12 Watt RGB LED
  • RGB BladeTune - you can change the blade color!
  • Durable internal chassis
  • Staff coupler compatible
  • Rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • In-hilt recharge port
  • USB charging cable
  • 9 different sound themes (fonts)
  • 4 musical background themes
  • Volume control and mute setting
  • Pulse, Stable and Unstable blade modes.
  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Deflect
  • Lock Up
  • Fade On/Fade Off
  • Power Saving Hibernation Mode
  • Smooth Swing

Description and Lore:
As the elite guard of the Imperium, the forces of Sector 9 often find themselves on the front lines of battle. Only the most skilled battle commanders are allowed to lead the Force Adepts of Sector 9 to glorious combat in service of the Emperor. For those leaders, who charge head-long into the enemy, an incredibly formidable weapon was needed. What they adopted was the Vanguard, and it is absolutely the right tool for the job.

Officers of the Force Adepts originally used the Raptor-class Shrike, but soon realized that they required a Crusader-class cruciform saber to fill their role of front-line heavy assault. After some intense modifications, the resultant saber was the Vanguard. With a trio of clawed blade emitters, an armored body, and the ability to lengthen the hilt, the Vanguard is a versatile saber that has the ability to fill multiple mission roles.

Befitting the weapon of elite officers, the Vanguard has polished silver rings on each emitter and on the grip grooves. Additionally, as if one of these sabers was not enough, another Vanguard can be connected at the pommel to make a staff without any extra parts.

Even with the armistice in place and enforced by the Imperium, getting your hands on any Crusader-class saber is ridiculously difficult. Even Crimson Dawn, the galaxy's premier trade syndicate, has difficulties procuring these sabers for sale on the surplus market. However, on rare occasion, we do get a shipment in. If you see this saber in stock, snap it up. There's no telling when it will be available again.

The Vanguard is a full featured combat saber that comes complete and ready to go. We back every saber we sell with our iron-clad warranty and impeccable customer service!

    The Vanguard is built with three RGB LEDs, so you can change the blade color and the color of the cruciform blades! Yes, all three blades change color so you can match the color of the crossguard with the color of the main blade! For those who like to have a different crossguard color from the main blade, we have programmed in some interesting choices for you.

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