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  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • 1 x 36 inch High-Line blade
  • Illuminated stainless steel switch
  • 12 Watt RGB LED
  • RGB BladeTune - you can change the blade color!
  • Durable internal chassis
  • Staff coupler compatible
  • Rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • In-hilt recharge port
  • USB charging cable
  • 9 different sound themes (fonts)
  • 4 musical background themes
  • Volume control and mute setting
  • Pulse, Stable and Unstable blade modes.
  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Deflect
  • Lock Up
  • Fade On/Fade Off
  • Power Saving Hibernation Mode
  • Smooth Swing

The Legionnaire is an Invictus-class saber designed for front line combat missions. The design philosophy of the Legionnaire focuses on strength and durability, while avoiding added bulk. The effect is a sturdy combat saber that is easy to wield and well balanced. This saber was adopted by the Omega Chapter, and in keeping with their traditions, the Legionnaire has the looks to match its performance.

The main body is polished chrome and adorned with a slim armor sleeve. This armor not only protects the chrome finish, but is also ported to provide excellent grip.

The emitter combines the features of a flange and crown, giving the saber the heat dissipation of a crowned emitter while providing a positive hand stop and guard for the leading hand. The emitter is encircled with additional 2mm threaded bolt holes if you wish to add more retention bolts, or if you wish to fasten your own accessories to the emitter. This is an important feature for the Omega Chapter to allow its members to personalize their saber.

The pommel of the Legionnaire is slightly weighted to counterbalance the mass of the substantial emitter. It is also grooved to provide excellent grip for the trailing hand. The pommel is meticulously crafted to offer the wielder a sense of occasion. It is the most prominent part of the saber when being carried in a belt clip, after all.

Speaking of a belt clip, the Legionnaire comes standard with a chrome plated covertec wheel threaded into the body of the saber. This wheel is compatible with covertech style belt clips. The wheel can also be removed if desired.

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