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  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • 1 x 36 inch High-Line blade
  • Illuminated stainless steel switch
  • 12 Watt RGB LED
  • RGB BladeTune - you can change the blade color!
  • Durable internal chassis
  • Staff coupler compatible
  • Rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • In-hilt recharge port
  • USB charging cable
  • 9 different sound themes (fonts)
  • 4 musical background themes
  • Volume control and mute setting
  • Pulse, Stable and Unstable blade modes.
  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Deflect
  • Lock Up
  • Fade On/Fade Off
  • Power Saving Hibernation Mode
  • Smooth Swing

The Keeper is a 2-handed Envoy-class saber designed for close combat missions. It is a heavily preferred choice for bodyguards and security forces throughout the galaxy due to being light and thin while still utilizing a full sized blade. The emitter has the classic S-style crown with grip grooves around the neck to provide excellent grip for the controlling hand. The lower grip section features a smooth convex curvature to allow for unimpeded movement of the guiding hand while still giving feedback to the wielder of proper hand positioning. The Keeper also features a slightly weighted pommel to balance out the saber's 11 inch length. This Keeper is powered by an 18650 Li-Ion cell which can be easily recharged by the port over the switch. The switch is stainless steel and illuminates when the saber is on and also acts as a charging indicator.

"Every wall can eventually be broken, but a crack in the right place sure speeds things up."
-Sentinel Tarian Lumarious

The Sentinels are the force sensitive elite personal guard of The Circle. These agents have one mission: keep their clients alive. The thing is, the client usually has no idea who their Sentinel is or that they have even been assigned one. It could be anyone in their entourage, from the cook to their assistant, or more than one. Any VIP who knows they require security staff will just hire guards and be done with it. But there are many VIPs who refuse to hire security because they think no threat exists, or they foolishly think they can protect themselves, or they hate the optics of having bodyguards. Those who have a vested interest in the survival of these VIP's will enlist the protection of the Circle in the form of Sentinels to keep their investments safe.

The Keeper started as a heavily modified Banshee lightsaber constructed by Sentinel Tarian Lumarious. He built it to serve as his personal weapon while assigned to protect Linaya, heir to the Tilarium gas mines. Like so many young people new to the cut-throat world of galactic commerce, she felt she didn't need security and made a game out of losing her guards. Eventually, investors in the mines replaced her guards with Sentinels. Seeing an opportunity to cause havoc in a competing organization, the Transom Consortium made an attempt on Linaya's life. Tarian was forced to drop his cover to protect her from certain death. The traumatic experience convinced her, finally, that she needed security.

Tarian's modified Banshee proved to be a saber that fit the Light Escort role perfectly. When his mission was completed, he was asked if he would like a new saber. He just said "Nope, this one's a keeper", and the name stuck. The Circle was so pleased by Tarian's performance that his saber became a model in it's own right and is now in standard use by all Sentinels.

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