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  • Combat Saber
  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • 1.25 inches wide
  • 12.25 inches in length
  • Blade Included
  • Anti-Vandal Switch
  • BladeTune - Change the blade color!
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Chrome finish
  • Modular Saber Core compatible
  • Multiple Sound themes (fonts)
  • Background music tracks
  • Volume control with mute
  • Blade modes
  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Deflect
  • Lock Up
  • Hibernation mode
  • Smooth Swing

The Eldar is one of several Xeno-class sabers now being offered by Crimson Dawn. The 'Xeno' classification signifies that the weapon was developed by a non-human civilization that exists outside the jurisdiction of any of the major galactic powers.

The Eldar is named after the race that created it, the Eldari. The mysterious Eldari are highly secretive, but we can tell much about their culture through their weapons. From the examples we have obtained, we can see the Eldari value fast, lightweight sabers. Seeing as how their entire race are tall, slender and light themselves, this is no surprise.

Similar in design to the Dryad, the Eldar differentiates itself with a thinner profile and a convex grip section (the grip curves inward) which enhances the feel of the saber in the hand. The added length of the Eldar allows greater hand placement and leverage for swift strikes.

The Eldar is a truly beautiful saber with performance to match its looks. If you are looking for a saber not commonly possessed by humans, this is certainly one of them.

Crimson Dawn, the galaxy's premier trade syndicate, is proud to offer Eldari sabers to the collector market. We feel humans have much to gain from cross cultural weapons exchange.

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