Crimson Proffie Core
Crimson Proffie Core
Crimson Proffie Core
Crimson Proffie Core
Crimson Proffie Core
Crimson Proffie Core

Crimson Proffie Core

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  • Crimson Proffie controller board
  • Powered by rechargeable li-ion
  • Smooth Swing
  • Multiple custom soundfonts
  • RGB Color selection
  • Blade lockup effects
  • Easy SD and USB access
  • Many different blade modes
  • Force Powers/FX sounds
  • Blaster deflect effects
  • Background theme music
  • Blade scrolling
  • 18650 Li-Ion battery included
  • Recharge Port

This is a Crimson Proffie Core powered by the Crimson Dawn Proffieboard. The Crimson Core series of saber cores are the most advanced saber cores we offer. The crimson color of the board with the registered Crimson Dawn trademark indicates a saber was built with the Crimson Core.

If you need this core, then I imagine you already know what this is and what it can do... which is pretty much everything.

This is the second generation Proffie Core Chassis which allows easy access to the SD card and Micro USB port. This version uses one button rather than two, preventing accidental font switching and also allows the recharge port to return! You can use this core to convert one of our EFX sabers into a Proffie Neopixel saber.

This core comes with a PCB protected 18650 Li-ion battery, also known as a "protected cell". Due to the protection PCB, the battery is a tad longer than a normal 18650.

You can get the core by itself, or bundled with a blade, up to you!

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