Li-Ion Battery

Li-Ion Battery

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Need a spare battery? We have them!

We offer both 18650 in flat and button top for Base-Lit and an 18650 button top NeoPixel We also offer button top 21700 for the Proffie V1 core which requires a larger battery to fit the core.


The 18650's are labeled as having up to 3600mah, but like most 18650 cells on the market, we have found that to be inaccurate. Grade testing in our XTAR shows these are your typical 2200-2500mah cells, which are perfectly fine for powering sabers.

18650s are used in all our EFX sabers and normal NeoPixel sabers. Most of our Proffie Powered sabers use 18650 button top NeoPixel cells.

  • Please check your saber to make sure you are ordering the correct battery. You can see what battery your saber uses by checking the specifications on your saber's product page.

We want you to be able to rock on with your saber, so we have priced these cells pretty low and priced the shipping really low, too.

High rate discharge with no memory effect
Protected against short circuit, over charge and over discharge

Actual batteries you receive may have a different color wrapper from the picture. Most are blue, but some are white, black, and even purple.

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