Neo Core FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about our Neo Core sabers:

Q: What is a Neo Core saber?

A: It is a saber that is built with our Neo Core electronics. The Neo Core allows the saber to power a NeoPixel blade. All Neo Core sabers come with a NeoPixel blade.

Q: What is a NeoPixel blade?

A: NeoPixel blades are polycarbonate blades that are built with a strip of hundreds of LED's inside the blade. 

Q: What are the benefits of a NeoPixel blade?

A: The blade is much brighter, more evenly illuminated, and has sequential lighting that makes the light of the blade extend up and retract down when powered on and off.

Q: Are Crimson Dawn® NeoPixel blades compatible with other NeoPixel sabers?

A: Of course! We use the standard NPXL connector, so our blades are compatible with pretty much every NeoPixel saber out there.

Q: Can you still duel with a Crimson Dawn® Neo Core saber?

A: Yes and no. Our Crimson Dawn® NeoPixel blades are made with heavy grade polycarbonate that have walls twice as thick as our normal blades. The LED strips are then surrounded with foam inside the blade to protect them even further. Plenty of people duel with them and have no issues. However,  for actual dueling, we recommend Base-Lit sabers and do not warranty our Neo Pixel sabers for saber combat. Keep in mind, every type of blade can break if you hit them hard enough.

Q: Is the blade removable?

A: Absolutely! The blades are held in place the exact same way as all our other sabers.

Q: What powers a Crimson Dawn® Neo Core saber?

A: The same thing that powers a normal Crimson Dawn® saber, an 18650 Lithium Ion battery. They also charge the exact same way.

We will update this FAQ whenever we get more questions coming our way. If there is anything you would like to know, just contact us.