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  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • 1 x 36 inch High-Line blade
  • Illuminated stainless steel switch
  • 12 Watt RGB LED
  • RGB BladeTune - you can change the blade color!
  • Durable internal chassis
  • Staff coupler compatible
  • Rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • In-hilt recharge port
  • USB charging cable
  • 9 different sound themes (fonts)
  • 4 musical background themes
  • Volume control and mute setting
  • Pulse, Stable and Unstable blade modes.
  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Deflect 
  • Lock Up 
  • Fade On/Fade Off
  • Power Saving Hibernation Mode
  • Smooth Swing

Description and Lore:
With mounted combat in mind, Sector 9 issued a design requirement for a Crusader-class saber with sleek width and extra length to extend the rider's reach while moving the point of balance closer to the rider. However, it is well known that mounted combat doesn't always stay mounted. A rider can easily lose their mount and find themselves on foot in a close quarters engagement where the extended length might not be ideal. The simple solution would be to just give the rider a different saber on their belt to switch to if need-be. However, Sector 9, ever the pragmatists, wanted a more "efficient" solution. They wanted one weapon that could fill many roles, so with that in mind, Sector 9 adopted the Dragoon; the first variable length saber.

In the default configuration, the Dragoon is 10 inches long, making it a capable 2-hander. When extra length is desired, an extension can be attached which will increase the hilt length by 2 more inches. This might not seem like much, but the difference is quite noticeable. The additional length allows the combatant to apply additional leverage when using 2 hands and provides ideal balance for 1-handed mounted combat.

The Dragoon comes in three variants, Bright, Dark, and Lancer.  The Bright and Dark Dragoon comes with a vented emitter extension, which makes the hilt longer at the top. The Lancer comes with a grooved grip extension, which makes the hilt longer at the bottom.

Now that the armistice is official, the Sector 9 Dragoon is available on the surplus market for collectors, enthusiasts, and private security alike! Crimson Dawn, the galaxy's premier trade syndicate, has acquired a shipment of these amazing weapons and we are proud to offer the Dragoon to choice clientele such as yourself! The Dragoon is a full featured combat saber that comes complete and ready to go. We back every saber we sell with our iron-clad warranty and impeccable customer service!

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