Tier 2 Mystery Box Bundle Set
Tier 2 Mystery Box Bundle Set
Tier 2 Mystery Box Bundle Set
Tier 2 Mystery Box Bundle Set
Tier 2 Mystery Box Bundle Set
Tier 2 Mystery Box Bundle Set

Tier 2 Mystery Box Bundle Set

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Put a little mystery in your life with our Crimson Dawn® Mystery Boxes. Whether you simply don't know what to choose or you'd like to save some credits, our Mystery Boxes are a sure bet.

These are a huge hit at conventions and now we are offering them online as well. What will you get? A brand new complete Crimson Dawn® saber, but which one? Honestly, we don't know either! The only thing we can tell you is that the saber will come in Black, Silver, Grey, or Gold. No one knows what saber you will get until it gets shipped to you! We do know one thing, though, you will absolutely get more bang for your buck! Here is a list of all our Tier 2 hilts that you could possibly get!

Here's more info for those who like to know the odds! All sabers come with new blades, USB charging cables (if needed), allen wrenches, set screws to hold the blade in place, and the same 365 day warranty as every Crimson Dawn® saber! The cost of shipping to the Continental US is already included in the price and international shipping rates are discounted.

Update: 3/28/24

Each Bundle purchase will come with a coupler pommel for the option to make the two mystery boxes into a staff.

We added a few more options, so here is some more information to help you make an informed choice.

Base-lit Blades: Base-lit technology has been around the longest and is the tried and true go-to for many saber enthusiasts. Base-lit means that the blade is illuminated by a single source projecting from the base of the blade. Basically think of a flashlight, with a clear or frosted tube over the light portion. The LED and heat sink are mounted in the emitter of the saber. The blade slides down the emitter to make contact with the LED assembly and is secured by blade retention set screws. Base-lit blades are made of polycarbonate and utilize a thin diffusion film to evenly disperse light down to the end of the blade. A mirror in the blade tip reflects the light back down the blade for more even diffusion. Base-lit sabers tend to be lighter, have longer battery life, and are more cost effective. For dueling/spinning/flow arts purposes base-lit is generally preferred due increased durability, lightness and balance. In the rare event a base-lit blade does break from severe use, they are very inexpensive and can be changed in just a few seconds.

Pixel Blades: Pixel blades are newer on the scene and becoming more popular as companies like Crimson Dawn continue to lower the cost of entry. Pixel Blades can vary in length, LED count, and construction by manufacturer but most are interchangeable. Crimson Dawn Neo Pixel Blades have 128 LEDs per side, 2 sides, for a total of 256 LEDs at our standard 36”. The blades have a, industry standard NPXL connector. When the blade is inserted into the emitter of the saber it makes contact with the 8 pin neo driver that sends signals to the LEDs in the blade. Pixel Blades are always much brighter and generally feature things like extend on/retract off. Pixel Blades are generally close to triple the cost of base-lit blades. For dueling they hold up well enough, but breaks can be occur in heavy applications.

Standard Features across all our saber cores: smooth swing, flash on clash, RGB color tuning, saber lock-up, blaster deflect, and multiple sound fonts

Base-Lit Crimson Core v2 with out SD card: Our Premium Base-Lit electronic package.  In addition to the standard features, it has multi-block mode, 16 sound fonts on a SD card, including Crimson Dawn proprietary sound fonts, gesture controls, hibernation mode, and any changes made to a sound font is saved to that sound font. In addition to 3 blade styles, the Crimson Core comes with 3 blade settings. Destiny: your standard saber mode, Smuggler: a blade setting to simulate a blaster, and Wraith: a setting where the blade does not light up and only activates when using the sabers other feature. Lastly, a bluetooth feature (currently in beta) to link your saber with your phone for to change your blade color and sound fonts.

Base-Lit Crimson Core v2 with SD card: Comes with all the features as the Crimson Core without SD card, but will come with 46 sounds fonts instead, replacing the 16 in the standard version. As well as with the SD card the ability change, edit, delete, or add sound fonts. Any changes made to the sound fonts, such as blade color, will be saved to that sound font. 

Crimson Neo Core: The Crimson Neocore take a Pixel Blade described above and is the best deal of all of our cores that use a Pixel Blade. In addition to the standard features, it has tip drag effect, 46 sound fonts on a SD card, including Crimson Dawn proprietary sound fonts, gesture controls, 7 different blade styles, 10 ignition/ blade settings, hibernation mode, and any changes made to a sound font is saved to that sound font. The perfect core to turn on and play at a great price!

Golden Harvest v3: The Golden Harvest v3 (GHv3). Uses a pixel blade as and comes with all the standard features of our other cores. The GHv3 will come with over 40 sound fonts, and a series of menu option to customize your saber blade. Including over 20 blade styles for your editing pleasure. The GHv3 core works great with those who like the process of playing through setting and learning the ins and outs on what that can do with the options given. 

Proffie: The Proffie Pixel Core takes the Pixel blade described above but it's driven by a Proffie board. Used by a few different saber manufacturers and tons of custom installers, it is a very robust board with very few limitations. It can pretty much do anything and anyone with an Arduino can program it. The Proffie can have flame effects, rainbows, swing on ignition, changeable sound fonts, pretty much anything you can think up. There are many Proffie tutorials on YouTube, but no programming is required on your part if you don't want to. All our Proffies come pre-loaded with an awesome configuration that shows off the incredible capabilities of your Proffie saber without any programming on your part. Your saber is ready to rock right out of the box.

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