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  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • 1 x 36 inch High-Line blade
  • Illuminated stainless steel switch
  • 12 Watt RGB LED
  • RGB BladeTune - you can change the blade color!
  • Durable internal chassis
  • Staff coupler compatible
  • Rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • In-hilt recharge port
  • USB charging cable
  • 9 different sound themes (fonts)
  • 4 musical background themes
  • Volume control and mute setting
  • Pulse, Stable and Unstable blade modes.
  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Deflect
  • Lock Up
  • Fade On/Fade Off
  • Power Saving Hibernation Mode
  • Smooth Swing

Description and Lore:
Of all the force religions in the galaxy, the most enigmatic is that of the Enclave. While not much is known of the structure or tenants of their faith, the mandate of the Ordo Inquisitorum (the faith militant branch of the Enclave) is well known. These spiritual detectives are tasked with investigating whispers of dissention within the Arro'Fon Imperium and intervening before dissention becomes treason.

Like any detective, members of the Inquisition must carry a PDW, a Personal Defense Weapon, for obvious reasons. For those agents who wield the force, their weapon of choice is the Inquisitor. As a Victory-class saber, the Inquisitor is an excellent dueling weapon for individual or small group engagements. It features vertical as well as horizontal grooves which provide excellent hilt retention in the hand. An asymmetrical grip pattern adorns the main body, which has proven to be extremely effective in controlling one-handed. To be durable enough for extended combat, the Inquisitor was built with a full size blade emitter, yet is still slender, light, and quick. It is no wonder why the favored style of combat in the Ordo Inquisitorum is dual wielding. It seems to be made for it, yet is quite capable as a singular weapon.

Even with the armistice in place, the shadowy Enclave would not usually allow their technology to be sold on the surplus market. But these are unusual times and we're Crimson Dawn, the galaxy's premier trade syndicate! We've acquired a shipment of these amazing weapons and are proud to offer them to choice clientele. The Inquisitor is a full featured combat saber that comes complete and ready to go. We back every saber we sell with our iron-clad warranty and impeccable customer service!

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