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For use in direct sunlight or just if you want a better hue in your blade, Day blades are the ticket. These polycarbonate blades are transparent with a colored tint and colored tip.

We would like to inform you that we now offer the option to order custom length blades on our website. If you require a blade of specific length, please follow the instructions below to ensure your order is processed accurately:

  1. Add the desired blade to your cart.
  2. Proceed to the cart page before checkout.
  3. In the "Customer Notes" or "Special Instructions" section, please indicate the exact length you would like for your custom blade.
  4. Double-check the accuracy of the provided length to avoid any errors.
  5. Please note: that our blade are at maximum 36 inch in length.

By following these steps, you will help us fulfill your order correctly and ensure your satisfaction with our product. Please note that custom length blades may require additional processing time.

Thank you for choosing our services. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

All our blades are made with bolted-in tips. This means the tips are held in place not by glue, but by hardware that is bored through the tip which physically fastens it to the blade. Don't worry, this is barely noticeable to the naked eye. We use a light diffusing blade film inside to achieve more even lighting.

High-Line blades use 1 inch blade sockets which are standard in our industry and will fit our own sabers and others as well.


Product Specifications
Overall Length (in): 35.43
Weight (oz): 6.00
Inner Diameter (in): 0.71
Outer Diameter (in): 0.98
Wall Thickness (in) 0.08
Material Poly Carbonate
Tip Type Parabolic
Difusion Method Film
LED Count Per Side 0
Combat Recommended: Recomended
Other Notes Adegan Silver comes in a 7/8 blade
Overall Length (mm): 900
Weight (g): 170.0
Inner Diameter (mm): 18
Outer Diameter (mm): 25
Wall Thickness (mm) 2
Material: Poly Carbonate
Tip Type: Parabolic
Difusion Method: Film
LED Count Per Side: 0
Combat Recommended: Recomended
Other Notes: Adegan Silver comes in a 7/8 blade

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