Proffie NeoPixel Core
Proffie NeoPixel Core
Proffie NeoPixel Core
Proffie NeoPixel Core
Proffie NeoPixel Core

Proffie NeoPixel Core

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  • Proffie controller board
  • Powered by rechargeable li-ion
  • Smooth Swing
  • Multiple soundfonts
  • RGB Color selection
  • Blade lockup effects
  • Many different blade modes
  • Force Powers/FX sounds
  • Blaster deflect effects
  • Background theme music
  • Blade scrolling
  • 21700 Li-Ion battery included

This is a NeoPixel saber core powered by the Proffieboard. If you need this core, then I imagine you already know what this is and what it can do... which is pretty much everything.

This is by far the least expensive way to get into a Proffie Neopixel saber. You can use this core to convert one of our EFX sabers into a Proffie Neopixel saber. However, this core is about 2 inches longer than our other cores, so you will have to add a hilt extension to the bottom of your saber (unless your saber came with one, like the Dragoon Lancer, Typhon, etc). You can find extensions in our parts department.

This core comes with an extended capacity 21700 Li-ion battery. It requires a larger than normal charger, but fear not, we offer one for cheap in the accessories section.

You can get the core by itself, or bundled with a blade, up to you!

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