Neo Core V2
Neo Core V2
Neo Core V2
Neo Core V2
Neo Core V2
Neo Core V2
Neo Core V2

Neo Core V2

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  • V2 NeoPixel Board
  • V2 Saber Core Chassis
  • Smooth Swing
  • Multiple Soundfonts
  • Rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery
  • In-hilt recharge port
  • RGB Color Changing

  • Multiple blade modes
  • Music Themes
  • Flash on Clash
  • Blaster Deflect 
  • Lock Up 
  • Extend/Retract
  • Force power effects


The V2 NeoPixel Board is a dramatic increase in quality and function compared to the original in every single way. This is a complete revolution, not an evolution.
This board competes head to head with Proffie boards in function and quality, the only caveat is you don't have an SD card or USB port to fully customize this board. For this reason, some have nicknamed this board a "Proffie Lite".
Keep in mind, this is NOT a Proffie, but it is the next best thing.
We feel our customers will be perfectly satisfied with the choice of soundfonts and blade effects we have preloaded on this board. However, if you want to load your own fonts, you should look at a Proffie Core.
This is the complete internal saber core. This core is complete and can be used to upgrade or repair any Crimson Dawn saber. If your saber is not a NeoPixel, this core will seamlessly upgrade your saber to NeoPixel, all you'll need is a NeoPixel blade. 

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