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Mystery Box Lightsaber
Mystery Box Lightsaber
Mystery Box Lightsaber
Mystery Box Lightsaber

Mystery Box Lightsaber

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Put a little mystery in your life with our Crimson Dawn® Mystery Boxes. Whether you simply don't know what to choose or you'd like to save some credits, our Mystery Boxes are a sure bet.

These are a huge hit at conventions and now we are offering them online as well. What will you get? A brand new complete Crimson Dawn® saber, but which one? Honestly, we don't know either! No one knows what saber you will get until it gets shipped to you! We do know one thing, though, you will absolutely get more bang for your buck! 

We have three tiers of Mystery Box you can choose from.

Update 7/23/2020
Here's more info for those who like to know the odds! All sabers come with new blades, USB charging cables, allen wrenches, set screws to hold the blade in place, and the same 365 day warranty as every Crimson Dawn® saber! The cost of shipping to the Continental US is already included in the price and international shipping rates are discounted.

  • Tier 1 - you are guaranteed to get AT LEAST a Stunt Saber (saber without sound) that is worth more than you paid. However, you have a 10% chance to get a Tier 2 and a 2% chance to get a Tier 3 instead!

  • Tier 2 - you are guaranteed to get AT LEAST an EFX Saber with sound worth more than you paid, but you have a 10% chance to get a Tier 3 instead!

  • Tier 3 - you are absolutely, definitely, 100% guaranteed to get a fully loaded EFX saber with a premium hilt, sound, and lighting effects worth quite a bit more than you paid! The only mystery here is which model it will be! Oh, you also get a 20% chance to get a free blade plug included!

    As always, if you have any questions at all, I will be more than happy to answer them! Just shoot me an email, Service@CrimsonDawn.Com
    I'll reply ASAP, or if you leave your number, I will call you back. 

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