Crimson Dawn Proffieboard
Crimson Dawn Proffieboard
Crimson Dawn Proffieboard
Crimson Dawn Proffieboard
Crimson Dawn Proffieboard

Crimson Dawn Proffieboard

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This board was produced without the U40 micro USB port ESD protection chip. There has been heated discussion regarding the ESD chip. Please do your research on ESD and be informed before you purchase. ESD issues, in our experience, are incredibly rare. We have yet to have any issues whatsoever, and for this reason Crimson Dawn will warranty this board for ESD related failures. This is the v2.2 Crimson Dawn Proffieboard. This is the same board found in our Crimson Proffie Core. The Crimson Proffie comes with 12 Crimson Dawn sound fonts and 21 blade styles. This is just the board; the chassis is NOT included.

If you're into building sabers, we highly recommend this board, The Proffieboard was designed by Fredrik Hübinette (a.k.a. Proffezorn). In our experience, there is nothing more feature-rich on the market anywhere. This is basically a tiny computer for your saber that can be programmed to do just about anything!

Please note, this is just the Proffieboard itself, not a complete core. It is intended for installation by experienced sabersmiths. We do not provide technical assistance for the installation of this board. We expect that anyone who orders this board already knows how to install a lightsaber controller. 

We CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS for these boards if they are used in any way, so please be 100 percent certain you are up to the task of installing this Proffie.

If you would like to ask questions about the Proffie, whether it's advice on a build or just general knowledge, we highly recommend you visit our FaceBook Group and ask there.

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