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Sometimes you just need an extra blade, right? The blade is arguably the most important part of a saber. At Crimson Dawn we don't skimp on the blades. They are constructed to dueling standards that have been set in our industry for the last decade.

We offer three types of blades:

  • High-Line - a standard 1" blade with mid-grade walls
  • High-Line Heavy - a standard 1" blade with heavy-grade walls
  • Slim-Line - a 7/8" blade with mid-grade walls
  • Pixel Slim-Line - a 7/8" RGB Pixel blade with industry standard NPXL connector
  • Pixel High-Line Heavy - a standard 1" RGB Pixel blade with heavy-grade walls and industry standard NPXL connector

High-line and Slim-line blades come in 36" lengths.

We offer our Pixel High-Line blades in 36, 32, and 28 inch lengths. Blades shorter than 36" will function normally in our standard NeoPixel sabers. However, please note that Crimson Dawn Proffie Powered NeoPixel sabers are pre-configured for 36 inch blades. Shorter blades fully light up and work great, but lighting features that occur at the tip of a 36" blade may not appear on shorter blades when using our default configuration.

All our blades are made of translucent white polycarbonate with bolted-in tips. This means the tips are held in place not by glue, but by hardware that is bored through the tip which physically fastens it to the blade. Don't worry, this is barely noticeable to the naked eye. We use a light diffusing blade film inside to achieve more even lighting.

A blade with mid-grade walls is fine for dueling in virtually every circumstance, which is why we ship all our sabers with mid-grade blades. You really only need a heavy-grade if you'll be dueling against harder objects like wooden staves, wooden swords, metal poles, thick trees, etc.

High-Line blades are standard in our industry and will fit our own sabers, and others as well. The Slim-Line blade is a relatively new product and will only fit sabers that are specified to work with 7/8" blades Make your selection and enjoy!

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