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Proffie NeoPixel Shrike
Proffie NeoPixel Shrike
Proffie NeoPixel Shrike
Proffie NeoPixel Shrike
Proffie NeoPixel Shrike

Proffie NeoPixel Shrike

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  • Aircraft aluminum hilt
  • Proffie controller board
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Smooth Swing
  • Multiple soundfonts
  • RGB Color selection
  • Blade lockup effects
  • Heavy Grade NeoPixel Blade Included
  • Many different blade modes
  • Force Powers/FX sounds
  • Blaster block effects
  • Background theme music
  • Blade scrolling
  • Anti Vandal Switch
  • Charger included

What happens when you take one of the most stylish sabers in the galaxy and add Proffie Power? Well we wanted to find out, so we made this - a custom Shrike with our Proffie Core! The result is a saber that is even more stunning and impressive than ever!

 Since the Proffie Core is longer than normal, we had to add a Lancer extension to the Shrike to make it all fit. But we found that the balance was thrown off with the extension added onto the bottom of the saber, so we placed the extension between the switch and the grip and moved the armor sleeve down to compensate. This balances the saber out and makes it look better, too. We feel the Omegas would approve of our modification, as will you!

This saber comes with an extended capacity 21700 Li-ion battery. It requires a larger than normal charger, but fear not, we include it for free 😎 Charging the battery is easy, just unscrew the lower grip section and slide it down to remove the battery from its holder and place in the charger. The saber also comes with a Heavy Grade NeoPixel blade included, so you'll be ready to rock!

To read more about this amazing saber's lore and background, click here to see the unmodified version.

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